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Referral Program


Have you ever helped another individual solve a problem and it caused you to feel good inside? Well now you can feel better and save money!

We at Live Well Chiropractic strive to help all individuals in our community achieve pain free wellness living. We know that with most of our current lifestyle choices, this could become costly in the beginning. For this reason we have sought out to save business expenses and pass the savings to our patients.  One way we have found to cut expenses is by rewarding our patients who refer others rather than waste dollars on expensive advertising.  So here is our referral program:

For Each New Patient that is evaluated in our office and reports that you referred them to us, YOU will receive a FREE 1/2 Hour Massage that you may use at any time or give it away as you please!  Or you may exchange your massage gift certificate for a Dinner Gift Card! Also you will be able to receive a FREE chiropractic adjustment on the following "FUN Friday"!

All this for doing good to others!

Think about this for a moment.  You already receive a birthday adjustment during your birth month each year, now you can get adjusted every month with a massage at no cost to you just by doing what you should do anyway! Please help us share the awesome benefits of chiropractic care with others by telling your friends and family to avoid dangerous drugs and consider the natural healing approach.